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Helmut Newton, December 1996, Vogue Italia

Image: Helmut Newton, December 1996, Vogue Italia

Building a team can be hard, but building the DREAM team can be even more difficult if you don’t take the time to build it right. A friend once told me, “stay as small as possible for as long as possible” in order to truly maximize and find what you really need.

I think that this can be true. I’ve been a part of very large teams and some extremely small teams and you can learn a lot from being globallly vast and big and you can learn a lot AND accomplish a lot, by being lean.

But being lean doesn’t always mean its right for everyone or the long-lasting solution. In certain stages of a business or organization its time to grow and expand onto new horizons. When that time comes, it’s about finding the right people, trusting them, and nurturing them to becoming what they need, and what YOU need at the same time.


When I write about linchpins and people on a mission, I often hear from bosses who ask a variant of, “Any idea how I can find people like that for my business?”

It’s unreasonable to expect extraordinary work from someone who isn’t trusted to create it.

It’s unreasonable to find someone truly talented to switch to your organization when your organization is optimized to hire and keep people who merely want the next job.

It’s unreasonable to expect that you’ll develop amazing people when you don’t give them room to change, grow and fail.

And most of all, it’s unreasonable to think you’ll find great people if you’re spending the minimum amount of time (and money) necessary to find people who are merely good enough.

Building an extraordinary organization takes guts. The guts to trust the team, to treat them with respect and to go to ridiculous lengths to find, keep and nurture people who care enough to make a difference.


Trust. Nurture. Grow. Respect. Such simple things, yet sometimes we forget what it is that makes things tick, what makes us tick, and why we are doing what we are doing.

Seth Godin Team Quote

Simple reminders such as these, can put it things into perspective through the daily grind that we all encounter and help put to rest that if we go back to human basics we can build our teams in the way that we should – and help everyone prosper no matter how big, or how small.


Best Buds

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Blue Flower Kimono Via They All Hate Us Bundle Of Flowers via Planet Blue

Flower Mouth via Pinterest Car Full Of Flowers via Pinterest Cara Delevigne with Flowers Via Studded Hearts Daisies In Hair via Luciana Rose Daisy Doc Martens via Pinterest Embroided Flowers Over Fashion Editorial via Pinterest Floral Applique Skirt via Riches For Rags Tumblr Flower Crown Bohemian Diesel Flower Hat Piece Via Match Book Mag Tumblr Flower Shadow via Then Let It Be Tumblr Flowers In The Hair Via Bohemian Diesel Ice Rose via Pinterest Ombre Nails With Rose via French Vogue Real Flower Jacket Via NyMag The Cut Top Hat With Daisies via Bohemian Diesel Vogue Rose Floral Mouth Model via Pinterest

Is it spring yet?  Because it sure feels like it in LA.  What ever happened to winter this year? It still hasn’t been cold enough to break out the faux fur in full effect.  I guess I can’t complain too much as I don’t really miss the single digit winter weather in NYC. So with high’s not dropping below 60 degrees, I thought why not start wearing those best buds from last year? It will at least help me pretend that day-light savings time doesn’t exist.

5 Tips For Optimizing Social Media Content

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Cable Knit Sweater Checking Phone via The Fashion CloudSo this isn’t rocket science and a lot of us already know it, but…I thought these were some good reminders and wanted to re-post from SmartBlog Social Media. Sometimes a little reminder never hurts, right?

5 Tips for optimizing content for social media:

  1. Put time and effort into header images that catch the eye — use images whenever posting to social platforms
  2. Brainstorm two blog titles: one which is optimized for SEO (long-tail keyword) and another which is more appealing on social (short, intriguing, eye-catching). Use the first on your site and the other when promoting.
  3. Get the technical details right: Edit for grammar, spelling and broken links. Use link shorteners like bitly, and keep posts short on all platforms (as shorter posts get higher engagement)
  4. Ensure post has a hook and a call-to-action: Try a question and “Read more”
  5. Encourage comments and REPLY TO THEM

(Image Via TheFashionCloud.com)

Oh, Go Brand Yourself

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Chanel Bikini

Chanel Cone via PinterestChanel Surfboard via Pinterest Chanel Logo With Hands via Pinterest Chanel Paper Bag via Pinterest

Chanel Fast Food via Pinterest Chanel Perfum Bag Purse via W Magazine Chanel Sky Tram via PinterestClaudia Schiffer Chanel Tattoo via Pinterest

There’s nothin’ like  a good logo. No words, no slogans, nothing but a single image that acts as a universal symbol for what you created. One small icon can stand for a legacy’s history. There aren’t many brands that have a logo that can go wordless on a blank sheet of paper and still be recognized and coveted, and of course, in fashion – Chanel reigns supreme. There is no mistaking those little “c’s” from anything and anything that has them usually has the stamp of approval from the moment you lay on eyes on it. You can put that sucker on an order of french fries and people will want to buy it (and it’s not b/c those fries are gluten free either).  That’s how you know the power of your brand and the importance of what it symbolizes.

It takes more than just a sleek design to make a logo memorable. It takes a community, a meaning, a power greater than just selling  a good quality product to someone (however quality does matter too). For your logo to stand for something beyond just your brand, your brand itself needs to stand for something greater. People need to believe that your brand is part of themselves and have an attachment to it. When people believe in your cause and understand and support you in why you are doing what you do, that’s the true power of a brand and its logo. Think about it, and then… go brand yourself.


(via Pinterest)

Kate Moss Is Boss

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Kate Moss by Corrine Day Vogue UK, December 2000Kate Moss Black Dress Runway Fashion Show 9a7f50efb4a31e761aa4f425d501d8a1 33e53b9e21b921a4844d722b639138d3 49dba6730ad42ac67b783ae078b674de 236d462b5df02949e6159526728a6541 782a523b9f41ac5e08c750587487de1d b5a049566e84fd6bb3225010ace4c922 b0135ffdcc67ceb028017bbe7dd37e1f e6a8cd771a252af8a88d1d2c518d8008 kate-moss-vogue-1993-photo-corinne-day-d Kate Moss by Corrine Day, 1990 Mario Testino The Vogue ArchiveSo the champagne is empty, your head is hurting, and now you have to hit the gym to beat all those people who’s resolution is to exercise more. What more do you need than a Kate Moss pick-me-up? Nutin’ better. #katemossisboss

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