Be True to Yourself, Be True to Your Brand

May 20th, 2010 § 7 comments

Diesel Marketing Ad Campaign - Be Stupid

Diesel's Be Stupid 2010 Ad Campaign

With Diesel’s marvelous show-casing of testing new digital marketing tactics and awesomely executed integrated campaigns, I was inspired to do some reflecting. Going back to my early days of fashion fascination, I remember being compelled and humored by Diesel’s ad campaigns in particularly, the “Future: A Musical You Can Believe In” campaign. I loved that campaign because it made me think about how fashion will always be a part of us, past, present, and future. It just always stuck in my head. Fun colors, the musical-eqse set, and movement captured just etched itself into my memory. While that print Diesel Ad - the future a musical to believe incampaign was relatively normal for marketing practices, Diesel has stepped out of the usual marketing tactics and created its own music channel funneling into the Diesel-U-Music Contest and launched campaigns in new social media channels such as FourSquare and using Facebook connect in-stores.

Diesel has had a unique brand identity and still does. The key though, is that they still to this day are true to its original brand it created and still breaking the mold creating daring, innovative, edgy, and sometimes controversial campaigns. If only other fashion brands could be as true to themselves as Diesel is. I would really like brands to to remember a few points that Diesel regularly executes.

1) Be Yourself and Stick To It. Don’t hide behind your marketing or your social media outlets. Tweet and share stuff that you can stand by. Use your voice, not anyone else’s. Diesel often uses catchy or cheeky campaign mottos that show off the fun-side to its clothes.

2) Realize That Not Every Fashion Brand Can Dress Lady Gaga. If you have your signature, make sure your clothes can always show a bit of who you are as a designer and don’t just follow a trend because everyone else is. If fishnets and patent leather don’t fall in your product list, its ok to skip them since they might not fit your brand image or your consumer wants.

Diesel Ad - Global Warming Ready

Diesel Ad - Global Warming Ready

3) Consumers and Fans of Your Brand Want to Know You, Not Your Ad Agency or PR Agency. Fans and brand advocates want to know the day to day happenings, and what makes your brand YOU! So, have someone update your social media outlets that works in your office and can keep fans up-to-date on all the “behind the scenes” happenings. From photo shoots, showroom appointments, runway prep, video shoots, interviews, etc. fans want to know what your brand really does on a day to day basis. Consumers want to feel connected to your product. Give them the good stuff. Having one of your own be the brand communicator keeps it authentic.

Alas, just show your fans who you are as a designer, what you stand for, what you believe in. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Many brands on social media just update when they are having a sample sale or season sale, which is just pushing out knowledge that could be given to them in a direct mailer . Of course fans like sales, but they like knowing you too. Diesel has been true to themselves and to its fans by keeping all marketing campaigns and channels consistent and involving fans in the marketing itself. I cant wait to see what they have in-store for the future. “Its a musical we can believe in.”

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  • @DieselUSA has always been true to its brand from the start. I admire it for its marketing creativity & controversy.

  • Be True To Yourself, Be True To Your Brand –

  • Thx! ItsTrue.U keep it real! RT @DieselUSA awesome post! RT Diesel has always been true to its brand from the start

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