Ring Master

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Cool Gold Metal Chain Ring Via TheyAllHateUs

Ring Stacks Via instagram Chic Studios

Oversized Rings

Gold Rings Layered Via ThenLetItBe Tumblr

Delicate Rings via TheyAllHateUs

Ring Overload Via Uncovet

Gold Ring Stacking Via saksfifthavenue

Rings at Chanel FW 2013 Via iloverunaways

Rings on Rings Via richesforrags tumblr

Midi Gold Rings Stacked Via uncovet hardpin

Well, when in doubt wear it ALL out. Necklaces, earrings (even tho I can’t wear half of them), bracelets, cuffs, and RINGS galore!!! I’m loving the stacking, piling, and layering of rings right now especially the beautiful delicate rings at Rossmore LA and the crazy bold Margiela ring at Netaporter. Just some winter inspo.

Oh, You Mind Reader

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 Strike A Fashion Pose via thenletitbe.tumblr.com

Was diggin’ around in my inbox and found this oldie but goodie article about how Kate Spade dominates social media platforms. Yes, its a bit old from last year, but it does hold true.

For years I’ve admired the digital team at Kate Spade. They totally get digital marketing, and they have a distinct point of view, stick to their brand voice and brand vision, and aren’t afraid of experimenting on new platforms. 

Not everything in their marketing tactics is about sales. This is my kind of marketing. To me, marketing should instill emotion, a connection with a brand that you didn’t have before. When I read “But the non-promotional updates help build customer loyalty and understand the message the brand wants to convey”, I was like ‘that’s what I think’. I’m know that Im not always the customer, but what I do know that i respond better to real conversations, real stories, and points of view, than a promotional message.

Kate Spade Instagram

It’s not just a great break from the tired broken record of “buy buy buy” (no, not the NSYNC song), but again, its like who wants to hear the same thing over and over again? You wouldn’t do that to your friends right? Why do it to customers?

That is all.



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It really made me smile watching this Cynthia Rowley video, so much that I had to share. I also didn’t realize when I went to her site how beautifully laid out it is, and comprehensive it is featuring everything relevant to the brand right now such as NYFW Spring 2014 show, the Big Hugs video, and latest arrivals. The UX is easy and super cleanly designed. LOVE.

Cynthia Rowley Marketing

London Calling

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London Fashion Week Marketing

So, just coming back from another #NYFW and seeing a slew of posts of people complaining how “mainstream” its gotten, I was super happy to see that London feels the opposite. London brands and designers alike are seeing #LFW as an opportunity to speak directly to the consumer, which is awesome in my mind, since ultimately if a consumer doesn’t like it, they won’t buy it. Buyers and editors can love it all they want, but if ultimately people are not buying the product you make, then your business wouldn’t thrive.

Netaporter London Fashion Week Cinemagraph

I don’t see a ton of US brands embracing NYFW that way. Some do, yes, but a great example is this recent email from Net-a-Porter that fully encompasses everything London Fashion Week. From rich cinemagraphs to elegantly layed-out Editor picks, and live social media updates from the shows, this email really tries to get consumers and fans engaged with the fashion week celebration from every angle.

Netaporter London Fashion Week Email

Content distributed through Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks is really what the British Fashion Council is relying on and Topshop, Burberry, Net-A-Porter, and Matthew Williamson are all in making #LFW a splash on the digital map. Well done.

Back To Black, But Did I Ever Leave It?

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Ok, so who am I foolin’? I love black…even though my “style resolution” was yet again to wear more color and print. I find myself, even in the crazy LA 100 degree weather, still wearing black in the summertime. I can’t help it. I’m heavily addicted.

Perhaps its b/c it always looks good, or maybe its some weird psycho thing that I don’t like to be the center of attention? I mean, that is true. Back in my model agency days, I quickly figured out I was a “behind the scenes” person, rather than “in front of the camera” peep. I think an all-black wardrobe just makes me feel at home and like I blend in a bit, but not too much.

Meh, I guess I feel like black on black or even just black staples just helps create a better canvas for you to paint on. 🙂



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