Best Buds

January 28th, 2014 § 0 comments § permalink

Blue Flower Kimono Via They All Hate Us Bundle Of Flowers via Planet Blue

Flower Mouth via Pinterest Car Full Of Flowers via Pinterest Cara Delevigne with Flowers Via Studded Hearts Daisies In Hair via Luciana Rose Daisy Doc Martens via Pinterest Embroided Flowers Over Fashion Editorial via Pinterest Floral Applique Skirt via Riches For Rags Tumblr Flower Crown Bohemian Diesel Flower Hat Piece Via Match Book Mag Tumblr Flower Shadow via Then Let It Be Tumblr Flowers In The Hair Via Bohemian Diesel Ice Rose via Pinterest Ombre Nails With Rose via French Vogue Real Flower Jacket Via NyMag The Cut Top Hat With Daisies via Bohemian Diesel Vogue Rose Floral Mouth Model via Pinterest

Is it spring yet?  Because it sure feels like it in LA.  What ever happened to winter this year? It still hasn’t been cold enough to break out the faux fur in full effect.  I guess I can’t complain too much as I don’t really miss the single digit winter weather in NYC. So with high’s not dropping below 60 degrees, I thought why not start wearing those best buds from last year? It will at least help me pretend that day-light savings time doesn’t exist.

(Images Via Pinterest)