Kate Moss Is Boss

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Kate Moss by Corrine Day Vogue UK, December 2000Kate Moss Black Dress Runway Fashion Show 9a7f50efb4a31e761aa4f425d501d8a1 33e53b9e21b921a4844d722b639138d3 49dba6730ad42ac67b783ae078b674de 236d462b5df02949e6159526728a6541 782a523b9f41ac5e08c750587487de1d b5a049566e84fd6bb3225010ace4c922 b0135ffdcc67ceb028017bbe7dd37e1f e6a8cd771a252af8a88d1d2c518d8008 kate-moss-vogue-1993-photo-corinne-day-d Kate Moss by Corrine Day, 1990 Mario Testino The Vogue ArchiveSo the champagne is empty, your head is hurting, and now you have to hit the gym to beat all those people who’s resolution is to exercise more. What more do you need than a Kate Moss pick-me-up? Nutin’ better. #katemossisboss