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Helmut Newton, December 1996, Vogue Italia

Image: Helmut Newton, December 1996, Vogue Italia

Building a team can be hard, but building the DREAM team can be even more difficult if you don’t take the time to build it right. A friend once told me, “stay as small as possible for as long as possible” in order to truly maximize and find what you really need.

I think that this can be true. I’ve been a part of very large teams and some extremely small teams and you can learn a lot from being globallly vast and big and you can learn a lot AND accomplish a lot, by being lean.

But being lean doesn’t always mean its right for everyone or the long-lasting solution. In certain stages of a business or organization its time to grow and expand onto new horizons. When that time comes, it’s about finding the right people, trusting them, and nurturing them to becoming what they need, and what YOU need at the same time.


When I write about linchpins and people on a mission, I often hear from bosses who ask a variant of, “Any idea how I can find people like that for my business?”

It’s unreasonable to expect extraordinary work from someone who isn’t trusted to create it.

It’s unreasonable to find someone truly talented to switch to your organization when your organization is optimized to hire and keep people who merely want the next job.

It’s unreasonable to expect that you’ll develop amazing people when you don’t give them room to change, grow and fail.

And most of all, it’s unreasonable to think you’ll find great people if you’re spending the minimum amount of time (and money) necessary to find people who are merely good enough.

Building an extraordinary organization takes guts. The guts to trust the team, to treat them with respect and to go to ridiculous lengths to find, keep and nurture people who care enough to make a difference.


Trust. Nurture. Grow. Respect. Such simple things, yet sometimes we forget what it is that makes things tick, what makes us tick, and why we are doing what we are doing.

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Simple reminders such as these, can put it things into perspective through the daily grind that we all encounter and help put to rest that if we go back to human basics we can build our teams in the way that we should – and help everyone prosper no matter how big, or how small.