5 Tips For Optimizing Social Media Content

January 27th, 2014 § 0 comments § permalink

Cable Knit Sweater Checking Phone via The Fashion CloudSo this isn’t rocket science and a lot of us already know it, but…I thought these were some good reminders and wanted to re-post from SmartBlog Social Media. Sometimes a little reminder never hurts, right?

5 Tips for optimizing content for social media:

  1. Put time and effort into header images that catch the eye — use images whenever posting to social platforms
  2. Brainstorm two blog titles: one which is optimized for SEO (long-tail keyword) and another which is more appealing on social (short, intriguing, eye-catching). Use the first on your site and the other when promoting.
  3. Get the technical details right: Edit for grammar, spelling and broken links. Use link shorteners like bitly, and keep posts short on all platforms (as shorter posts get higher engagement)
  4. Ensure post has a hook and a call-to-action: Try a question and “Read more”
  5. Encourage comments and REPLY TO THEM

(Image Via TheFashionCloud.com)